Uncut’s Guide To Bruce Springsteen

UncutLa revista británica UNCUT MAGAZINE ha publicado una exclente guía de 148 páginas bajo el título «Uncut’s Ultimate Guide to Bruce Springsteen». Incluye una introducción de Steve Van Zandt.

Incluye un apartado especial para cada álbum y entrevistas con Bruce y fotografías inéditas.

Esta es la información de Uncut:
«Following on from the hugely successful Ultimate Music Guide: U2, Uncut are proud to present the essential guide to the most inspirational rock star of the last 40 years. Over 148 pages, our team of writers provide a comprehensive survey of Springsteen’s work, from his first stirrings in New Jersey to the passionate elder statesmen described by Barack Obama as “The rock and roll laureate”.

The Ultimate Music Guide: Springsteen includes detailed analyses of each one of his albums, revealing the hidden stories behind these landmark recordings. There is a guide to rarities, discographies and a wealth of info guaranteed to amaze the band’s legion of fans.

The Ultimate Music Guide: Springsteen exploits Uncut’s unique access to the NME and Melody Maker archives, reprinting a host of classic interviews with the man, unseen for decades. It also, as Uncut does each month, presents the very best in rock photography.

Available from all good retailers from 27th April 2010»

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